Which Motorhome is Best in Australia’s Winter?

Which motorhome is best in the winter?

While travelling in a motorhome or caravan is often associated with summer holidays, it is also immensely enjoyable to be out in your motorhome during the winter months.

For one, there are a lot less people around! Tourist hot spots are less crowded, there is more availability for paid and free camping, and low season rates usually apply. 

When travelling in winter there are different factors to take into consideration, of course, but as long as you’re prepared for the cold and have a warm home-on-wheels to retreat to, it is one of the best times to travel.

When considering which motorhome is best in the winter, it’s all about finding one that will keep you comfortably warm without constantly need to heat it.

Buy a Motorhome that has Good Insulation

The main factor that you’ll need to consider, is how well insulated is the motorhome. 

You will find that old motorhomes and caravans often don’t have any insulation at all! Or if they do, it’s only in the walls and ceiling, but not the floor. You can sometimes retrofit insulation, but it may not be very easy to do.

If you’re buying a new motorhome, then make sure you choose a brand that insulates the walls, roof and floor. Here at Explorer, our reinforced fibreglass shell includes a high density foam core that not only adds incredible strength and rigidity to the body, it also provides exceptional insulation.

If you plan on doing any travel in winter then talk to the manufacturer of your vehicle to make sure that they build your motorhome with the level of insulation that you expect.

What are the Heating Options?

If you’re at a powered site then you will have no problem with using whatever electric heater you have available. However, if you are free camping you may want to look into getting set up with a diesel powered heater to keep you toasty warm during those chilly nights.

Containing all the Draughts

One of the quickest ways to lose heat from your motorhome is through draughts coming through windows, doors or other places that have been insufficiently sealed.

Taking the time to carefully seal up these draughts, and adding insulation to the windows (thermal curtains or reflectix) will help to keep the heat in.

Have Off Road Capability

This may not be as crucial as keeping warm, but having 4WD capability means that you can go anywhere you want and should you find yourself in a boggy spot after a night of relentless rain, you have a vehicle capable of getting you out of the mess!

Without a doubt, the BEST motorhome for winter is the one you’ve got! Our winters here in Australia are not so brutal that some fluffy socks, warm jumper and a good winter weight doona won’t solve. You may need to stay away from the coldest of climates, but you can certainly still get out there and enjoy winter travelling.

If you’re in the market for a new motorhome though, insulation of the motorhome is the biggest factor that you will need to consider.

Happy motorhome hunting and winter travelling!