What Touches Set Apart A Premium Aussie 4WD Motorhome?

Purchasing a new caravan or motorhome is a big decision and one you ideally want to make an informed choice on. Many buyers can simply get carried away looking at flashy styling and features. But it’s more important to understand what touches set apart premium 4WD motorhomes from other ones you can find. This includes details like the type and quality of materials, both of which play a massive role in everything from comfort and fuel efficiency to durability in different climates.

A Quick Guide on Caravan Construction Materials

There are two main forms of construction that caravan and motorhome manufacturers use. The first involves laying aluminium panels over a timber frame, sometimes referred to as a ‘stick n tin’ build. The second involves laying composite panels over an aluminium frame, often referred to as composite caravans. The latter is more common these days because caravans built with wood are much heavier, harder to clean and more susceptible to rot, water damage and warping.

A composite caravan is much more durable, lightweight and resistant to harsh weather conditions. Building a composite caravan usually involves using what’s called ‘composite sandwich panels’ to build the walls, ceiling and floors. These panels consist of two facings and a rigid foam core. Since these panels act as structural elements in the vehicle, must support a variety of loads and operate in a variety of weather conditions, the quality of the materials used to produce them is crucial to the overall performance of the vehicle.

Explorer’s Unique Joint-Free Structure

Explorer motorhome bodies are distinctively unique in that they are built as a single piece moulding. This process starts with a UV resistant gel coat layer, followed by a reinforced fibreglass layer. A high density structural grade foam core is then installed, followed by an internal layer of reinforced fibreglass. This makes it similar to a sandwich panel except that the outer layer is made from a single piece, resulting in a unique joint-fee composite structure that is lightweight and incredibly strong.

Durable and Thermally Efficient Foam Core

The high density foam core not only adds incredible strength and rigidity to the body, it also provides exceptional insulation. The foam is built from lightweight polystyrene featuring a closed-cell construction that allows it to repel water and reduce heat transfer. This guarantees comfort inside the camper as well as long term durability. There is no aluminium or steel frame to transmit heat or cold from inside to outside.

The foam core is made of a rigid plastic foam insulation material. Using lightweight materials offers massive savings in fuel costs over the lifespan of a camper. Every kilo saved in the construction of the vehicle results in less energy needed over its lifetime.

Quality Furniture Design

All internal furniture, walls and cleats are screwed and bonded or fiberglassed into the main body, adding to the structural integrity of the unit. With no wall or roof framing required, the internal walls and furniture can be bonded wherever they make the best use of space rather than being dictated by the frame. This facilitates the unique, functional and spacious layout of the Explorer camper.

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