What Makes the Explorer Unique Among Australian 4X4 Campers?

Australians love campers. They’re the perfect way to explore our big, diverse country with the convenience of simply parking and being set up after a long drive with minimal hassle. Many Australians planning a road trip might look into doing the big lap, the approximately 15,000km long road that connects every mainland state capital. However, others are more interested in getting off the beaten track.

For those who want to explore Australia beyond the towns and cities, a 4×4 camper is the ideal vehicle to accommodate a truly wild and unique adventure. However, it’s important to get a high quality 4×4 camper, preferably one built in Australia. To be honest, there aren’t many campers that offer 4WD capabilities but it remains an important consideration.

Make Sure Your 4×4 Camper Has the Right Features

Even when it has 4WD capabilities, your camper still may not be suitable for all tracks. whether they are too narrow, too steep or too sandy. Other issues to consider include weight, length, height, ground clearance, and approach and departure angle. Some tracks are meant only for smaller 4×4 passenger vehicles. There are some things you can do if you camper isn’t suited to certain terrain, such as fitting a rear diff lock for more traction or adding super single tyres for wider tread but it’s better to find a 4×4 camper that is versatile enough to take you anywhere.

Explorer Campers are in a League of Their Own

Explorer campers really stand out in their field for several reasons. All three models in their range are high-clearance 4WD vehicles and they are perfect for any type of adventure on or off any Australian road. With an Explorer camper, you can feel confident going anywhere while enjoying the benefits of a highly durable, lightweight, fuel efficient vehicle.

All in the Build

Explorer motorhome bodies are built as a one piece moulding starting with a UV resistant gel coat layer, followed by a reinforced fibreglass layer. A high density structural grade foam core is then installed, followed by an internal layer of reinforced fibreglass. This results in a joint-fee composite structure that is lightweight and incredibly strong.

It also allows for greater flexibility in design, making the unique styling and aerodynamics of the Explorer motorhome possible. Bench tops, tables and vanities are also made of durable, light weight fibreglass rather than chipboard or craftwood.

Designed for Adventure

All construction is done in house by our experienced team and is closely monitored for quality and finish. This is not the quickest, cheapest or easiest way to build a motorhome or camper van, but there are thousands of kilometres of dirt roads, corrugations and rough tracks out there to be explored and this is the perfect build to help you explore it.

Contact Explorer for the Ultimate 4×4 Australian Camper

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