Touring Australia wisely is the key to enjoying your motorhome journeys

Australia is a vast country of widely differing landscapes, climates and seasons. By investing in a motorhome, you’ve opened up a whole new world of possibilities to travel to remote and stunning regions of the country. Many people will never get the chance to experience and appreciate the regions that are now available to you.

But ‘knowledge is power’ as they say. And from knowledge comes wisdom. Learning how to tour the country wisely comes partly from experience and partly from utilising available resources.

Of course, we can’t give you experience. That’s something you will have to earn through your travels. But we’ll touch on some of the ideas, tips and resources you should explore to get the most out of your motorhome travels around the continent.

Use All the Resources at Your Disposal

There is a wealth of resources on the internet that you should explore before you get behind the wheel. Just Google ‘Motorhome trips Australia’. There are hundreds of videos, route maps and articles about exploring nearly every inch of the Australian landscape by motorhome.

Download every resource you find on your intended destination onto your laptop before you start out. This way you will be able to refer to them even in a place that has no internet access. Make notes on resources that are incorrect and ones that deliver the goods. You’ll soon learn which resources you can trust to give accurate information.

Motorhome clubs are another valuable resource you should look into. These are clubs of like-minded, friendly people who love to share their stories and tips of where to go, what to see and what to do, and as one of Australias leading Motorhome designers we have lots of useful info on our site.

Be Sociable in Your Travels

We understand that some people want to ‘get away from it all’ when they travel and that includes getting away from other people. But spending an evening sitting around a campfire sharing travel stories with experienced motorhome travellers is a valuable way to gain a lot of knowledge at one time.

Make notes of how these explorers live day to day – how they set up their motorhomes, their space-saving ideas and clever tricks they use to make their lives easier when on the road.

An evening spent sharing a few beers can pay dividends in providing you with previously unknown destinations to visit as well as tips and methods of living on the road that will make your travels more comfortable.

Plan Your Trips Around the Seasons

If you’re a lover of the great outdoors, plan your trip around the seasons. Many of the online resources you’ll find suggest favourable seasons to visit certain destinations, as well as the seasons to avoid.

In the rainy season you might be stunned by the endless panorama of wildflowers in a location, while in the dry season you might just come upon a lifeless desert.

Paying attention to the seasons also can mean the difference between enjoying your trip and having it become an ordeal. Washed out roads, scorching temperatures and scores of mozzies and flies can make you wish that you’d checked the weather a bit more carefully before leaving home.