Camping Out With The Family

Gone are the old days where ‘camping’ has to mean a long, hot and uncomfortable drive, setting up a tent and building a fire (sometimes in the rain), smelly pit toilets, a very hard bed and eating tinned food.

Now, with a motorhome, it’s possible to go on camping holidays with the family, where mum gets to enjoy the holiday with a chilled glass of wine, dad doesn’t have to light a fire every single night just so dinner can be cooked, and the kids aren’t relegated to the most thin and uncomfortable sponge mattress.

A motorhome ensures that everyone in the family gets to enjoy the journey AND the destination!

Here are some of the biggest benefits of camping out with the family:


That precious resource, that all too often feels in much too short a supply, is reset when you’re camping; there’s no kids sporting events to attend, no school assignments to help with, and no work deadlines.

Just relaxing, playing and more relaxing.

This is especially true when your camping in a motorhome. Set up time is minimal – you just need to level the motorhome, connect power and water if you have it, pull out the awning and unfold the camp chairs.

Solving problems together

One of the beauties of camping is having the time and mental space to plan activities and solve problems together.

For most families, the problem solving occurred during the heated frustration of putting up the tent! When you have a motorhome, you can enjoy the ‘challenges’ of camping, without frustration, anger and mean words being flung around.

If the lessons in how to safely start and maintain a campfire are unsuccessful (or too slow), you can fire up the gas barbie instead.

If the kids pup tent (which they proudly put up themselves) collapses, they can crawl onto the sofa in the motorhome to sleep, and in the morning they can figure out what they did wrong with their tent.

There are still plenty of opportunities for everyone to learn and grow from the family camping together with a motorhome, but it’s without the stress and hassle of a tent.

No technology

It can be a struggle to get the kids off their electronic devices… heck, it’s hard enough to get ourselves off electronic devices.

So sometimes it can be great to go to a remote camping spot and remove the distraction of technology all together.

Spending time together enjoying nature, exploring the local area, fishing, hiking, riding bikes, swimming and having fun, is so much easier when you don’t have to first extract everyone from the online world of their electronic devices.

When you’re able to go camping in a motorhome, you are still able to enjoy all the benefits of camping, without all the annoying parts like setting up a tent, sleeping on uncomfortable beds and having no bathroom.

But there is something great about family holidays, and camping holidays in a motorhome hold a special place in our memories.