The best views to wake up to in your NEW motorhome

The greatest joy of owning a new motorhome, is being able to visit new places all over the continent, exploring new sites, experiencing different ways of life and enjoying exciting adventures. 

And at the end of the day, when you’re tired and content, being able to relax into your own bed; the same one that has a mattress of just the right firmness, pillows of exactly the right height, and a doona that is neither too hot or too cold.

So while you get the pleasure of sleeping in your own bed every night, you still get to wake up to new views as often as you like by just moving your motorhome to wherever you want to.

Here are some of the best views to wake up to in your new motorhome:


As you wake to the sound of the waves lapping (or crashing, depending on where you are) you can open the blinds of your motorhome and right from your cosy bed you can watch the sun come up over the water, or check out the surf and see if it’s worth getting up now to catch a few waves before breakfast.


If you prefer to wake to the sounds of the birds, then the forest might just be the perfect overnight stop for you. Watching the kangaroos feed around your campsite and the sun filtering through the trees as the layer of mist slowly dissipates.


There is something truly special about waking up in your motorhome, to a remote, beautiful and expansive outback scene.

That endless red/orange/brown expanse just calls for an adventurous day to begin. But before it does, you can enjoy your warm bed, a hot coffee and a hearty breakfast before setting out.

Friends and family

When you take your home with you wherever you go, it means that you can visit all your family and friends, whenever you want. 

And the best part is that you’re not encroaching on their space. The kids don’t have to all squash into one room so that you can sleep in one of their rooms, and you don’t have have to sleep in a childrens bunk.

You’re able to have your own routine and space, but enjoy the company of relatives for a while.

A motorhome gives you the benefit of visiting with your friends and family, without the inconvenience and awkwardness of having to live IN their home with them.

The inside of your cozy, comfortable & luxurious home on wheels

For many, it doesn’t matter too much where they wake up, because the best view that they wake up to in their motorhome, is the motorhome itself.

With your familiar and loved things around you, a kitchen that it set up for all the types of cooking that you want to do, a coffee machine if you want, a bathroom, all your clothes and things for getting ready, you can start your day however you want. 

And that’s one of the nicest things to wake up to.