Solar Panels installed on Explorer Motorhomes vehicles

The Best 4X4 Motorhomes Have Solar Panels

On the fence about adding a solar panel to your motorhome? Wondering if the benefits are really worth it? A solar panel solution is one of the effective ways to get power to your 4×4 motorhome for all your outdoor adventures. With a reliable solar panel, you’ll have one less thing to worry about next time you pack up for your big trip. Not convinced? Here are a few reasons why every motorhome needs a solar panel.

It helps keep the power running

The obvious benefit is the reliable power supply that you get from a solar panel solution. This power generation is usually enough to keep your fridge and all your essential devices running. Of course, the exact type of solar panel may vary depending on your power needs. For example, if you’re only running a 12V fridge your requirements would vary from a motorhome that’s running a fridge, a set of high-intensity lights, and chargers.

More efficient

Compared to an alternative like the generator, solar panels tend to be more efficient and cheaper in the long run. Generators are also rather bulky and make a lot of noise. Not an ideal solution for an outdoor adventure.

Additionally, generators use fuel for power generation where solar panels only utilise solar energy. Hence, a solar panel makes for an environmentally friendly solution as well.

Options to choose from

With solar panels, you can choose one based on your specific needs, where each solar panel will factor in power, space availability and the required flexibility. Here, your typical choices will include either a fixed or portable solar panel.

Compared to their portable counterparts, fixed solar panels offer a few distinct advantages:

  • No setup time or effort required as they are constantly running
  • Depending on the way you mount them, they can double as wind deflectors
  • Fixed panels are bolted or glued down hard. So, stealing them is an impossible feat compared to portable solar panels
  • As they are fixed in place, you won’t be moving them around. This means you’re less likely to damage them

Alternatively, if you’re short on space and require a lot of flexibility, a portable solar panel will fit the bill.

Need a lot of juice? Solar panels can take care of that too. You can typically find solar panel solutions that go from 120W to 500W based on your power requirements.

The best power solution for your 4×4 motorhome

Whether you’re single, married or retired, whatever stage of life you’re in, your offroad adventures are only as perfect as how well your power needs are met. The best 4×4 motorhomes are ones that have a durable and long-lasting solar panel solution. Still have questions about getting the right solar panel for your 4WD? Looking to upgrade your motorhome altogether? Talk to us at Explorer Motorhomes. Our specialists will be more than happy to help you with your inquiries. Contact us today for a quote.