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The 5 Outback Routes that Define Australia

Ah, the great outdoors: Australia’s got plenty of it. But what are the outback routes that truly define what Australia is all about? Here are some amazing outdoor adventures you can take up in your 4×4.

1. The Red Centre Way

Here’s a perfect trip for you and your 4WD. The iconic Uluru offers some amazing scenery with a unique taste of outback Australia. It’s a six-day trip that will take you through the West MacDonnell Range National Park all the way to Tnorala, a 140 million-year-old comet crater. You’re likely to come across quite a few rock wallabies along the way, most notably at Simpsons Gap.

You can also refresh yourself with a swim at the tropical pools of the Garden of Eden or in Glen Helen Gorge.

You can visit Kata Tjuṯa nearby and make your way through the mulga forest and the red desert sands. The Red Centre Way is the perfect opportunity for you to experience Aboriginal history and art.

2. Darling River run

The Darling River Run offers several routes for exploration, with undoubtedly the best route spanning from Wentworth to Bourke in New South Wales. In case you’re wondering, it’s about a 30-minute drive to Wentworth from Mildura airport.

One of the most memorable moments of the journey is sure to be the Mungo National Park. This is where you’ll find the 42,000-year-old human remains of the Mungo Man and Mungo Lady.

Another worthy highlight is the Gundabooka National Park, complete with Aboriginal rock art, woodlands and amazing floodplains.

3. Gibb River Road

This is another rewarding six-day trip. The journey begins in Broome and you follow along the route on your 4WD through the remote Kimberly region. You’re bound to come across sights of birdlife and freshwater crocodiles as you pass Windjana Gorge and some beautiful waterfalls at Bell Gorge.

4. Old Ghan Railway Heritage Trail

Are you a train lover? Then you’ll definitely enjoy this trip. This is where you’ll be riding along the old Ghan train’s path. Your 4WD trip begins at Port Augusta in South Australia, and goes all the way to Alice Springs, Northern Territory. The Oodnadatta Track follows a similar route as the Old Ghan Railway and this track is utilised to follow the old line path through South Australia.

Throughout the route, you’ll discover points of historical interest including railway sidings, stone railway buildings, track remnants and bridges. If you love trains, this is one offroad trip you don’t want to miss.

5. Nullarbor Plain

Nullarbor plain stretches across the southern edge of Australia and it’s one of the world’s longest straight roads. The Perth to Adelaide route will likely take you from three to four days. The journey will take you through a variety of wildlife ranging from kangaroos, emus and camels. Your exploration options will also include the Eyre Bird Observatory, Bunda Cliffs and Nullarbor Links, the longest golf course in the world.

If you ever decide to take the trip through Nullarbor on your 4WD, do remember to take plenty of food, water and fuel along with enough supplies for the ride.

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