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Going off road with an Explorer 4WD Motorhome

On March 10th I joined a 10 day Victorian High Country tag a long tour. It covered some of the most iconic 4x4 tracks in the VHC namely Blue Rag Track, Billy Goats Bluff Track and Crooked River Track (24 river crossings).

I purchased an Explorer MH to tackle the "roads less travelled" in the knowledge that the vehicle could handle a very diverse range of conditions. #186 is fitted with a couple of add-ons namely an ARB front air locker & on board compressor plus a Runva 13,000lb winch - more on the winch in a later post.

Heading up to the trig point on Blue Rag Track

It would not be possible to complete these tracks without the ARB front locker. I'm running BF Goodrich AT K02's and the punishment they took and withstood is nothing short of incredible especially on the jagged and rocky tracks - tyre pressures 20 psi front, 24 psi rear. I have also fitted an IDrive throttle controller. Do your own research on this but it is one of the most impressive pieces of technology and should be fitted as standard at $250 plus simple install - virtually plug and play. It adjusts the throttle lag response and is fully programmable depending on the driving conditions or individual style.

This sort of 4x4ing will not be for everyone and like everything in life there are risks involved. What I can say with absolute confidence is that this Explorer product is one very well built and impressive 4x4. I traveled with and encountered hardened 4x4 enthusiasts who were continually amazed at the ability of "That Thing" - #186's new name. The suspension setup is excellent for a vehicle of this configuration. It's ability to climb tracks is astounding. As a driver it requires high levels of concentration and intensity. Conventional 4x4's don't have the degree of what I call "pitch and roll" due to the 3.1 m height. That said at 3.1 m it really sits in a sweet spot and there was not one track that it couldn't weave its way through. That Thing only suffered minor underside fibreglass damage (2 spots) along with a bent drivers door step after an encounter with a rock at a creek exit. The advantage of fibreglass body is that any scratches from the bush can be buffed out with some elbow grease and buffers.


The week that was...

The week that was...‘Looking Back’. March 2020

During the last week of march, we, that is Wilma and Henry, made a hurried trip in our newly handed over Explorer Motor Home from the Explorer Factory in Clontarf in Queensland to our home in Northern Tasmania. Our trip up and back unintentionally occurred in a matter of six days. How this panned out amazed us and caused me to record the daily circumstances which happened inside Australia’s battle with the Corona Virus.

We were given a ‘Handover’ date to work to and made plans for the journey against the strong wishes of our family not to go. A couple of reasons made our resolve to go just that little bit stronger...the Motor Home was finished and we had been waiting while the build was going on. Nor did we want to leave it there for the duration that this unknown virus may likely last, and the 12 months of Registration had already been been applied which we did not wish to lose the value of.

To keep faith with our family we decided NOT to go if our early morning flight to Brisbane was cancelled...it was not.

We arrived on the Monday in a half empty flight and settled into a Motel overnight ready for the hand over of our ready ‘Vision’ build No. 254 Explorer Motor Home on Tuesday morning. Due to the Virus constraints the hand over was quicker than usual, but so appreciated to get us on our way and then to be told that ours would be the last to leave the workshop direct to owners. The rest to be transported to their owners home for the duration of the Virus at a not too insignificant cost. On Wednesday we hit the road on the same day that borders were threatening to close. We chose the Newell Highway route as being the less populated and escaped from Queensland into New South Wales without being called on to self isolate. Thursday night at Dubbo for safety sake we obtained a spot in a Caravan Park. The last one to do so as this Park brand was to close throughout Australia. On Friday we decided to put more Km’s behind us to get us safely into Victoria before that border may also close as we did not fancy periods of isolation to get us home. We already knew that we were to head into a fourteen day isolation at home by returning to Tasmania. So with that looming we headed into the SPC Factory shop in Shepparton to stock up on food and then made the rest of the journey into Melbourne and to the Spirit of Tasmania which we had by then booked.

We slipped quietly from the part empty ferry early the next morning to be handed a bag containing bread, milk and butter and told to head straight home into that Isolation period.

Flights to Queensland and a 1900 Km return drive, always staying one day ahead of the closures took us safely up and back becoming a memorable trip to look back along to all the hurdles only put down behind us day after day.

Our new ‘Vision’ behaved exactly as we expected, having been built by a very dedicated firm who have every reason to be proud of their product. So now that we are home, we can stop looking back and start looking forward to the road ahead. Happy travelling.

Wilma & Henry

This compact motorhome suits our lifestyle wellWe bought our Explorer motorhome in early 2016 and have found it to be absolutely fantastic. We have been living in our Explorer permanently for almost three years now whilst working in various parts of Australia. This compact motorhome suits our lifestyle well; we have even used it as our ‘office’ for some jobs. Being a small motorhome, a minimalist approach is required to keep within the GVM. However, the benefits of the Explorer's compact design and go-almost-anywhere capability is well worth it. It is simple to drive and park, and thanks to the brilliant interior design coupled with the Explorer Motorhome's willingness to tailor a few modifications to suit our requirements, we have the most versatile, practical and comfortable house-on-wheels imaginable.

The team at Explorer have consistently gone above and beyond in their helpfulness, professionalism and generosity of time and expertise. We cannot recommend an Explorer motorhome highly enough for anybody looking for a small motorhome with plenty of creature comforts, and the ability to access almost any place a 4WD vehicle can go … without having to sleep in a tent and use nature’s bathroom!

Explorer motorhomes are quality through and through and the after-sales service has been exceptional - up there with the best we’ve ever experienced from any business!

Garrie & Chrissie

Your company and product is simply unbeatable in its field

Hi David and Shelley,

For a number of reasons we have reluctantly sold our motorhome today. You know that we have thoroughly enjoyed ownership of number 1 & 2 and really appreciated all of the assistance and friendship you have extended to us. Circumstances change...if they change again, we will be after you for number 3.

Your company and product is simply unbeatable in its field and something we know you are all so proud of.

We send our best wishes to you for the future.

EXP100 leaves Warwick and Vicki's Buderim home with new owners Col and Kym on the way to their Sydney home. Yes, this is the second Explorer for Warwick and Vicki and there is every chance they will order a another in due course.

Warwick & Vicki

Explorer Discovery Owners

Hello to the Explorer Motorhome team

First a big thank you to John, David, Luke and the team for an enjoyable, satisfying experience in investigating and purchasing our new motorhome.

From our first enquiries, first visit, and then a very comprehensive delivery experience, we felt welcomed and personally considered, so thank you once again.

We realise more and more that the Discovery is a unique vehicle in the RV industry, and in speaking with David, and our growing appreciation of this unique vehicle, we would encourage Explorer to really promote this unique design.

In our 3 ½ day journey back to Temora, we really appreciated many areas of the Discovery. The ride quality with the rear tandem axle system greatly smooths the ride on our increasingly stressed road system, but we have not had an opportunity yet to experience our real purpose for the vehicle which is the dirt outback roads of Australia.

The Toyota Hilux performs well, and is a comfortable drive, even for Lesley who has not experienced a larger vehicle like this for some time.

But the real benefit comes inside the motorhome – a very workable and roomy kitchen and dinette area – particularly if the dinette table is in its half folded position. The bed space is very workable, and the stair system a real winner. While the bathroom initially seemed rather tight in the entry and basin area, it really opens out when the access to the shower is included in the moving space.

Lots of storage; a real benefit is all the extras included as standard - just a well thought out and workable home area.

As we got closer to home. It became more and more difficult to follow a familiar road – we were both very ready to turn the Discovery onto untraveled roads and enjoy this special vehicle.

It is a motorhome which we feel will create a lot of interest/questions etc gathering from the short time we have had it.

We have attached a photo collage of several photos we have taken for your interest.

We are very much looking forward to the adventures of the ‘Discovery’ and will keep you updated.

Once again, many thanks for your personal and professional individual care and attention in the purchase of our new ‘Discovery’. Well done!


John & Lesley

Under promised and Over delivered

Dear Luke, Seran, John, David and the Explorer Team,

Just a big thank you to the team at Explorer for delivering to us such a wonderful motor home. You have truly under promised and over delivered.

It was a long time between ordering at the Brisbane show last year and taking delivery. Although we did our best to take on board the excellent qualities of the Spirit at the time of ordering some of the observations became a little hazy and some were missed altogether. The reason why we ordered from you was the quality of the build and the attention to detail. We are still observing and appreciating aspects of the excellent design and build quality. To achieve this requires the dedication of a team most of which we have not yet met.

A special and big thank you also to the team at Explorer.

Kind Regards

Bruce and Nancy
We could not be happier with our Explorer

Hi John & David,

Thought it was worth letting you know that we have just clocked up 12 months living exclusively in our Explorer. We settled on our family home on 6th Feb 2015 and we have been living in it ever since. If someone had suggested, when we purchased it, that we would be able to live in the Explorer for that long, we would have laughed!

In all that time we have not once thought of how the Explorer could be better designed or regretted any of the options we chose. We have not required an additional bin on the back or a trailer in that time which just shows how space efficient the Explorer has been designed. With the solar panels we have not once needed to book into a caravan park for power as the panels and batteries have provided all the power we need.

We also thank you for your after sale service and how gracious and efficient you have been. We could not be happier with our Explorer and are happy to share our positive experience with anyone who is interested as we travel.

Thank you again to both of you and all the team at Explorer.

John & Debbie Collins
Nothing to compare or compete with your Explorer Vision Motorhome

Hello John,

We have walked the Caravan and Camping Show here in Melbourne yesterday, finding nothing to compare or compete with your Explorer Vision Motorhome. Having viewed your latest Explorer at your Brisbane factory last week, we would like to place an order now.

Mary & Ken
from Victoria
Very, very happy with ours...

Hi David, John and team

We hope this finds you well and that the wonderful motorhome is continuing to sell well. We are certainly very, very happy with ours and have made several trips within WA over the last few months since returning home.

Thank you for the invitation to the gathering next year. At this stage we don't think we will be in the area at that time, our next eastern states trip is to Victoria earlier in the year. But thanks again for the invitation.

Our first trip was 12,000kms immediately after we bought the motorhome when we drove it back across to Perth. That trip was fabulous, we zigzagged across outback Queensland and then down through the centre, spending time around Alice Springs and Uluru, then went south through Port Augusta and across the Nullabor. We travelled off the beaten track at times and found the motorhome handled very well.

Best wishes to you both and the team.

Clare & Tony
To say we are impressed would be a complete understatement.

We were thrilled to take possession of our new Toyota Hilux 4x4 Explorer motorhome in March this year. We were anxious to get out and explore some of our remarkable country and also to test our new “baby”.

After packing our Explorer we were off on an unknown adventure. We travelled extensively throughout Queensland. Leaving the Gold Coast we ventured down to Bourke, then Lightning Ridge before heading back into Queensland to discover more of our wonderful state first hand. We travelled mainly inland as we had experienced the coastal regions on previous trips in our other motorhome. Our wonderful Toyota Explorer just purred wherever we pointed it. Uphill and down dale the vehicle just did what we expected of it. Road performance was remarkable, fuel economy was brilliant, and the quality of the design and build is a credit to you and your team.

We covered just over 12,000 Km on this excursion and can’t wait until we take off on our next ‘exploring’ holiday. We are booked to go to Tasmania in January (2015) for a motorhome rally. Once back on the mainland our trip may also include the Flinders Rangers in South Australia. Later in 2015 we plan on exploring more of outback Queensland, this time to Normanton and Karumba, then back to the coast to Cairns before wandering slowly back to the Gold Coast.

Gentlemen, this is our third (3rd) motorhome, and to say we are impressed would be a complete understatement.

“Thank You” for putting the fun back into our motor homing. Your slogan “Enjoy Life” is most accurate.

Margaret & Chris
We particularly appreciate being able to park in a normal car park

We bought our Explorer in November 2013 and found the whole process of dealing directly with the people who build the vehicle very satisfying.

Being able to have a vehicle virtually custom built for you is amazing considering many other companies have standard vehicles and you end up with a vehicle that suits the manufacturer not you.

The minor modifications we requested, to suit our lifestyle, were not a problem and the result was a vehicle perfect for our use.

We particularly appreciate being able to park in a normal car park yet we have a wonderful spacious bathroom and living area.

Keran & Phil
It has definitely been the best decision we have made.

Hi John, David and Team,

Am sending this from Tasmania where we are having a fabulous time.

The Explorer has certainly lived up to and exceeded expectations, we couldn't be happier, it has definitely been the best decision we have made.

We have certainly put it through it's paces, going on roads we would never have considered travelling on with our last motor home, and it has been a joy to drive and live in.

Our congratulations to David and his team in producing such a great vehicle.

We have shown it to so many people who have asked to look in it, and all without exception have been amazed at the spaciousness inside compared to the relative small exterior.

Comments such as "gee you have more bench space than we do in our much bigger vehicle" and also genuine surprise at the roomy ensuite, and the amount of drawers.

So, once again a big thank you, we are very happy campers.

Ken & Ros
We complement you on an excellent product..

Hi David and Explorer Team,

We have just had our 1,000 klm service done this morning after a week of travels around the Bundaberg area.

Jan and I would like to let you all know how extremely happy we are with our motorhome. Having tested all of the features ,including the heater on many occasions during this cold spree , we complement you on an excellent product.

We really cannot fault the whole package and are now looking forward to a longer trip sometime in August.

Many Thanks

Ian & Jan
The workmanship, innovative features and functionality are all first rate.

Hi John,

We were absolutely thrilled to take delivery of our Explorer today - the workmanship, innovative features and functionality are all first rate.

Could I also commend the enthusiasm and professionalism of David with the handover - no detail was left without instruction, including detailed explanations as to why things are set up in the way they are.

Special thanks to you and all the team for the Moët - a wonderful surprise.

Again, congratulations on developing a magnificent vehicle, and a top class company to produce it.

Graham & Anne
From German owners...

Hello John,

This is the first moment we got mails. In short words: car is fantastic, everything works well. Today we have reached Port Douglas.

Spent days at Carmilla Beach and Kurriburry Beach where we fount a place with "Penthouse View", when possible I will send you pictures.

Thank you for everything, greetings also to David.

Michael & Bettina
from Germany
We enjoyed every minute of our new "luxury home" on 4x4 wheels!

Hi John and David and Crew

We have arrived back to the Tassie Isle after 3 weeks of enjoying the slow trip home.

The new Motor home was terrific and we enjoyed every minute of our new "luxury home" on 4x4 wheels!

We had nothing but great comments at every stopover that we had and soon became "tour leaders" as they all wanted to "explore" our new "Explorer"!

We even used the new diesel heater on the highland border of Qld and NSW, how cold is that! Don't forget we are Tassie's. It worked extra well and we soon warmed up, the down side was that we had to push one tiny little button to make it work, "Oh". Being able to pull up and use whatever power source we had and it automatically changed everything over to suit it without touching anything, "how great is that".

We had many comments on it's finer detail finish of the components on the outer and within and we both wish to congratulate you and your work colleagues on it's construction and like all other new owners, we assume, if we had any minor problem on our travel home these were quickly answered by a quick phone call to those that knew what we didn't.

We can still see all the "Eyes" following us as we as we slowly drove through the towns and cities as we returned from Redcliffe back to Hobart!!

Again, we "both" thank you all for what you have presented to us and we will "both" enjoy it for "many many" years!

Terry & Maxine
Innovative design and very clever use of space.

Innovative design and very clever use of space. First class workmanship with boat builders traditional impeccable finish. Our Explorer Vision is just right.

The advantages in dealing personally with the owner and manufacturer, John and David, make the process from choosing options to construction to delivery, a breeze.

Explorer Vision Motor home...can't beat it. Trust us; we've done the homework.

Warwick & Vicki
Great on the Freeway and just powers up hills.

Hi John,

Motorhome is unreal. Got home yesterday, it drove fantastic. Upgraded suspension did the trick, nice smooth ride. Great on the Freeway and just powers up hills.

Love every bit of it, full credit to you and Dave. Love the cab over, there is so much room. The whole motorhome is great, looking forward to starting our travels, can't wait.

Jess & Aaron
Goes like a dream

Hi John,

lots of admiration for the motorhome. Goes like a dream. Plenty of room and storage in the living quarters and the beds are really comfortable and good size although peoples first comment is the beds are a bit short. They change their mind when they see them extended out so easily on the slides to 6ft 6inch. Really comfortable over the rough stuff when in four wheel drive.

Lorainne Stanton
Thrilled with our Explorer Vision.

We are thrilled with our Explorer Vision.

We'd like to thank you for making the buying of our motorhome so easy in that everything we asked for was met with a smile and a reply of "No problem, it will be done".

Bruce & Yvonne
Custom build is definitely the way to go!

A great Motorhome John.

As experienced motorhomers, we know what we need, and what works. So nice to be able to get something with the options we want rather than having to choose from a limited list. I don't think the big boys would be happy to alter window sizes or move lights around.

Custom build is definitely the way to go!

David & Carol
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