Safety Features on the Best 4WD Campervans

Safety is of prime importance when it comes to your offroad adventures, especially for 4WD campervans. Unlike a typical vehicle, your motorhome is likely to face a variety of environmental conditions. This means your 4WD campervan should account for many rough conditions when putting a durable 4WD road trip together. How does Explorer Motorhomes cater to the safety requirements? We list our specifics below.

Fibreglass body

The body of our motorhomes is built from a single piece of fibreglass. This makes the build stronger and lighter than other materials. A single fibreglass body means water won’t get through inside, and offers excellent insulation in extreme temperatures. In other words, you’re protected from both winter and summer weather.

Security door

With Explorer Motorhomes, you won’t ever have to worry about your door being well protected. Each of our motorhomes is fitted with a stainless steel mesh security door. You can also find a split security screen door for added protection.

Tailor-made for the offroad

Our 4WD campervans are equipped with a full-suspension upgrade in order to handle the offroad environment. Both Toyota and Ford models at Explorer Motorhomes are fitted with Lovell Springs GVM, increasing the capacity to 3500kg.

Its large size can make it tricky to navigate the vehicle, especially when you’re reversing. However, this is why our campervans are fixed with dual reversing cameras and high-quality Clearview mirrors by default. No problem anymore.

On the inside, you’ll find tank monitors and a control panel that allows you to effectively monitor usage levels of everything in the vehicle. This means you won’t ever be caught off guard if you’re running out of gas or fuel.

The interior

On the inside, the comfortable beds are designed for easy access and don’t require ladders. You can also find your way directly to the driving cab from the cabin. Every campervan is also equipped with a fire extinguisher and a smoke detector. So, you won’t have to worry about any fires in your motorhome.

You can also find that all the domestic windows are double glazed and come with solar block-outs and screens, for extra protection while you’re in the vehicle. 

5-year warranty

Here at Explorer Motorhomes, we offer a 5-year structural warranty for all of our models ranging from the 4WD Vision to the 6WD Discovery.

The best 4WD campervans

Whether you’re single, married or retired, whatever stage of life you’re in, your offroad adventures are only as good as your campervan. With the right safety features intact, a 4×4 motorhome makes for a long-lasting and trusted solution.

After all, safety is of prime importance to us at Explorer Motorhomes. We want to ensure that every customer experiences both comfort and safety in equal measure. Our team takes pride in serving nothing less than the best of what 4WD campervans have to offer. Thinking of upgrading your campervan? Looking to get a new motorhome altogether? Talk to us at Explorer Motorhomes. Our experts will be more than happy to help you with your inquiries. Contact us today for a quote.