Reducing Tyre Pressure on 4WD Campervans

Tyre pressure is crucial during offroad travel, especially because of the varying conditions your 4WD campervan will be subjected to, such as mud, dirt, gravel and even snow. Taking your 4WD campervan through these conditions might be tricky, considering how these journeys will usually pack more than a few people. So, performance is of the essence. One of the most important ways of maintaining this level of performance is through tyre pressure.

Setting your tyres at the right pressure for the job can be very effective at gaining and maintaining traction. With softer tyres, rougher road journeys become less susceptible to punctures and chipping from sharp rocks. It will also give you more traction over variable track surfaces.

Low tyre pressures for better traction

When you reduce the pressure of your tyre, you increase its footprint or the amount of tread that comes in contact with the road. What this means is that the weight of the vehicle is spread across a wider area. So, when you come across rocky or sandy surfaces, your campervan is able to grip better.

Managing your tyre pressure

Check every day

Make sure you check the tyre pressure every morning before you begin the journey. Adjust the pressure depending on the kind of terrain you expect to come across. Since the tyres are cold they will already be at their lowest pressure.

Tyre gauge

You need to be able to quickly check the tyre pressures at any time of the day. Therefore, a tyre gauge will often come in handy.

Tyre compressor

Get yourself a 12V tyre compressor. This means you can manage your own tyre pressure without being dependent on service stations.

But what pressure should I set on my tyre?

While there are a lot of factors to consider, one general rule is that the more weight you carry, the higher the tyre pressure should be. Under-inflated tyres can easily wear out on the outside. Over-inflated tyres are more likely to wear out in the middle of the tread.

The 6 psi test

One way of finding out the right tyre pressure for your 4WD campervan is through the 6 psi test. Here’s how it’s done:

  1. Check the tyre pressure in the morning and ensure the indicated amount is maintained.
  2. Drive for at least half an hour before checking the pressures again.
  3. If the tyres are correctly inflated, the pressure should be roughly 6 psi higher than the cold pressure.
  4. If it’s more than 6 psi, the tyres are under-inflated. You need to add more air
  5. If it’s less than 6 psi, your tyres are over-inflated. You need to remove some air.

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