Pre-owned vs New – Buying a Motorhome

Which should you invest into today and the reasons why you should buy new.

Let’s talk about some of the biggest factors that make the most difference and hold the most importance when deciding whether to buy a pre-owned vs new motorhome.

Benefits of Pre-owned Motorhomes


Money would have to be the biggest benefit of buying a pre-owned motorhome. With depreciation of vehicles being as fast as it is, you’ll save a massive amount of upfront costs when you buy pre-owned.

It’s been driven in

All the issues have been driven out of the motorhome, warranty issues have been fixed and if it’s a new model, then all the testing has been done by someone else.

You won’t need to be spending any time taking your motorhome back to the dealer to have issues fixed (under warranty) because they have already been done… and the warranty has probably run out by now anyway.

Additional modifications

When you buy a pre-owned motorhome, you may be lucky enough to find one that has had additional modifications made like solar panels, bigger tanks, composting toilet or bike racks. If you were planning to add these to any motorhome you bought anyway, it will save you if it’s already on the motorhome because you won’t be buying the components at brand new price, and you will be saved the inconvenience of fitting them, or organising to have them fitted yourself.

Added extras

If the seller is not intending to buy another motorhome for themselves, they may be willing to include all the extra kit that you will need for your motorhome. Things like hoses, wheel chocks, BBQ, camping chairs and table etc.

Benefits of a New Motorhome

Full warranty

Having a full warrant has got to be the biggest benefit of buying a new motorhome.

Your brand new purchase is covered by the manufacturer’s warranty, so should anything go wrong, for whatever reason, be it faulty construction or materials, the manufacturer will either repair or replace the faulty parts, at their expense. That’s certainly peace of mind when making such a large purchase.

No fears about inappropriate modifications being made

When you buy a new motorhome, there will be no stress or worry about any modifications that have been made, as you would with a used motorhome.

For example, you may love the solar panels that the previous owner installed, but what if they secured them incorrectly and there’s now water leaking through the roof every time it rains.

When you buy brand new off the factory floor, you know that your motorhome has been approved by certified engineers whose job it is to make sure manufacturers are putting out safe products. You can rest easy knowing that strict legal requirements designed to protect the consumer have been followed to the letter because no manufacturer wants to deal with a lawsuit, and all the negative publicity that goes along with it.

It’s brand new, what’s not to love!

There’ll be no surprises of weird things being hidden at the back of a drawer, no years of grime to clean and no animals or insects found decomposed in the storage bins.

There will be no red dirt creeping into the crevices and you will have the peace of mind that there is no structural or water damage hiding behind any panels.

You won’t have to cover or fix any bad decor decisions of previous owners either. You can personalise your new motorhome exactly how you want!

So when it comes time to buy your motorhome, you’ll need to weigh up the pro’s and con’s of whether it would suit you better to buy a new, or pre-owned motorhome.