Know what you are getting into before you invest

For some people, the idea of touring the country by Motorhome is a dream come true. Traveling to a remote area a thousand miles from home and crawling into your own comfortable bed at the end of the day is just one of the attractions.

Motorhome enthusiasts can bypass every expensive hotel and inn and seek out their own spectacular surroundings to park their motorhome. They travel in comfort, knowing that they are self-sufficient and sheltered against the elements.

But whether it is the comfort or the savings you can enjoy that serves as your motivation for investing in a motorhome, know what you are getting into before you buy. By doing some research and being honest with yourself, you can avoid a lot of regret once you have taken the plunge.

Follow all the Rules of the Road

We are not just talking about the traffic laws. We are also talking about the registration, licensing and insurance requirements as well.

A motorhome is a different class of vehicle than the family car. Most motorhomes are above the weight limits that a car license specifies. At the very least you should expect to sit for a LR (Light Rigid) driver license if you want to take to the road legally in your home away from home.

Be prepared for a bigger bill when it comes insurance fees as well. Larger, heavier vehicles are more dangerous on the roads and thus, more expensive to insure.

A Motorhome May Be Bigger Than What You Are Used to Driving

Before you jump in your brand-new motorhome and head out on the open roads, spend some time getting used to driving a larger vehicle.

Take it on shopping errands and dropping the kids off at school. The more time you spend driving it in city traffic, the less worries you’ll have driving it where traffic is non-existent.

You won’t have the luxury of using a rear-view mirror with this type of vehicle. You will have to use side-view mirrors. Practice backing it into spaces using the side-view mirrors, until you are comfortable with the exercise. Above all, always be aware of the increased height of your motorhome.

Learn How to Service All the Amenities

The joy of motorhomes is in the amenities they provide. But it is not particularly joyful if you are out in the middle of nowhere if your toilet, stove or sink stops working.

Learn to fix common issues with these amenities and carry the necessary tools to do so. Check that they are in good working order before you take to the road and learn any regular maintenance that needs to be performed on them. Learn the handy tips of owning a motorhome to maximise your enjoyment.