How to take care of your dog whilst travelling

Taking your dog with you as you travel around Australia in a motorhome, can be one of the most rewarding parts of the whole trip.

One of the keys to making your trip successful is to take care of your dog whilst travelling; this means making sure he is happy, healthy and safe.

Here are our tips to making sure that your pooch is going to love the trip just as much as you do:

Make sure they’re safe

While you may like to have your pet travel on your lap, or be able to roam around the motorhome while underway, this is not the safest option for you, your pet or other road users. Using restraints while you are on the road can be done my either crating your dog, or using a restraint to keep them in one place.

Help them get acquainted with their new home

A new motorhome may be big and scary, especially if your dog has not been in one before. And when you start up the engine it may just make them anxious and afraid. It’s a good idea to get your dogs used to the motorhome, by spending some time in there (without even leaving the driveway), starting up the engine to see how they react, and then starting off with short drives to get them comfortable.

You can bring familiar items into the motorhome, such as their bed or favourite toys, to help settle them down and make them feel comfortable and safe.

You may even like to sleep a night or two in there (yes, while still in the driveway) so that it’s not completely foreign when you head off on your first adventure.

Planning your trip

As you will be aware, not all places are dog friendly, so it’s important that you plan ahead to make sure you are able to find camping where you can bring your dog.

Many caravan parks and showgrounds are more than happy to welcome you and your pets to their park. You will need to ensure your pet is contained at all times, this may be on a leash, inside the motorhome, or in a fenced off area.

Some parks even have an enclosed area so you can let your dog off the leash for a bit of a run around.

One place where you are not allowed to bring dogs, is National Parks. Since these are protected areas, you will not be able to bring your pets into the park and this includes any of the camping sites within the park.

Leaving your pet in the motorhome

All caravan parks have different rules, but some will not allow you to leave your pet in your motorhome, or tied up outside it, while you go off for the day.  You’ll need to plan accordingly for this.

If, however, you are able to leave your dog with your motorhome, it goes without saying that you need to ensure they are safe. Enough food, water and toys to keep them happy, and also be mindful of temperatures so you’re not leaving them in a sweltering motorhome, or outside on a freezing cold day.

With just these simple tips and a little bit of planning, both you and your dog will be happy and comfortable, and you’ll be able to enjoy a great trip travelling Australia together.