Go Off-Grid as You Tour Australia In Your Self-Sufficient 4WD Motorhome

Australia is a big country, with countless places to explore. Whether in the high country of Victoria or on a pristine beach in southern WA, you’ll find some world-class camping locations. Some people believe going camping means you’ll be cold, uncomfortable and roughing it. The reality couldn’t be further from the truth if you have the right equipment.

When it comes to exploring places off the beaten track, nothing beats having a self-sufficient 4WD motorhome. However, it’s important to ensure you select a motorhome that will accommodate all your needs, from a working toilet to enough self-sufficient power. This dramatically opens up your options for where and how long you can camp. Below, we look at what you need in a self-sufficient motorhome.


Of course, you’ll need to feed yourself. Ideally, you’ll want appliances that enable you to cook healthy, varied meals rather than sustaining yourself purely on non-perishable foods. This means getting a 4WD motorhome with a fridge and a stovetop, like the Explorer, so you can prepare meals.

Power and Lighting

12V power has come a long way, and you can actually run a wide variety of gear off-grid without much difficulty. This includes everything from charging phones to running LED lights. Having solar panels and batteries for off-grid power in your 4WD motorhome is also a great way to ensure you can live a life of comfort self-sufficiently. It’s also easier than ever before to get quality and efficient lighting options in the right 4WD motorhomes. Headlamps, lanterns and LED strip lighting are all handy.

Toilet and Bathroom

Toilet and bathroom facilities are another much needed feature for comfortable, self-sufficient living. Fortunately, Explorer’s compact 4WD motorhome still features its own toilet facilities. When it comes to showering, using a 20L black solar bag actually works very well.

Water Storage

You need to have enough water storage facilities for things like cooking, cleaning, showering, drinking and washing clothes. Make sure your motorhome has a decent sized tank and consider keeping spare water stored. Remember that being frugal with your water supply and waste can enable you to stay off-grid for longer.

Spares and Essential Tools

It pays to be prepared for any situation when living the self-sufficient, off-road motorhome life. So make sure you have things like a spare tyre, puncture repair kit, electrical tape and tools like a hammer, spanner set, screwdriver, scissors, etc.

Heating and Cooling

Motorhomes with heating and cooling facilities make for comfortable, self-sufficient camping. Look for things like a fan, diesel air heater, air and water heaters and air conditioning.

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