Get in the habit of travelling safely and intelligently

Every motorhome enthusiast seems to have an embarrassing story to tell about their early days traveling by motorhome. Whether it’s running out of petrol in the middle of nowhere or a story of genuine danger, every traveller always learns what to do and what not to do from the experiences they have encountered.

But do you really need to experience a situation to learn to avoid it? Exercising common sense and a bit of intelligence can go a long way to making your travels easier, safer and more enjoyable.

Australia is known to be a potentially dangerous place for travellers venturing off the beaten path. But by taking simple precautions, or in some cases by simply learning to enjoy the well-travelled path, you will learn to love exploring the country by motorhome.

The Beaten Path May Be the Place for You

Don’t feel like you have to explore places that no one else has visited unless they are in your comfort range. There are no official brownie points given for a traveller’s bravado.

Besides, you might enjoy the easier things in life. Australia is home to hundreds of private campgrounds that offer markets, laundry facilities, pools, electrical hook-ups and showers.

You are able to see the surrounding countryside from these campgrounds just as well as you can see them from your own wilderness outpost. Just keep in mind that you will be paying for these amenities. So be sure to add them into your travel budget before you leave home.

If you want to live a bit closer to nature, the National Parks may be the place for you. They offer campsites that are much cheaper, but they don’t offer the same level of amenities. So have all the amenities you need on board, just to be sure. When buying a new Motorhome make sure you are getting the facilities you require otherwise this will restrict your travelling and exploring.

Be Cautious When Exploring Remote Areas

Know what to expect at your destination. If you’re traveling the outback, be sure to keep your motorhome filled up with petrol, as the towns are few and far between. Know how much mileage your motorhome gets and keep an eye on your map or GPS route.

Also be sure to keep ample amounts of food and water on hand. You never know when you might have a mechanical failure far from the nearest town and it’s better to be safe than sorry.

Don’t expect to have cell phone service if you’re in the outback. If you need to stay connected, consider buying a satellite phone. They are expensive to buy and use, but they can provide a lifeline in an emergency.

Learn about Your Destination’s Flora and Fauna

Many holidays have been ruined because a person had an encounter with the wrong plant or animal. Australia is full of things that can ruin an otherwise pleasant journey.

Know what to look out for and use the same common sense you would use at home. Don’t leave your motorhome’s doors open. Don’t leave your windows open either without a screen in place.

When exploring the surroundings, avoid walking through tall grass or venturing to close to a body of water that is known to be a crocodile habitat. And always carry an effective first aid kit in your motorhome and know how to use it properly. These are mistakes when buying a motorhome new or used, not getting it properly equipped.