Gear to Take 4×4 Motorhomes Off-Road

So you’re planning on a big outdoor adventure and you need to ensure you have everything prepared for the journey. If you’re wondering what specific gear you will need, here’s a list that would prove useful.

Fuel and fluids

While not technically gear, fuel and fluids remain the most crucial part of any 4×4 adventure. Packing fuel in plenty should be on top of your checklist. You should also add in fluids and accessories including coolant, engine oil, and gear oil along with spare engine accessory drive belts and spare coolant hoses. 

Electrical devices

A long offroad trip calls for mobile electrical devices covering a variety of requirements. You’ll be packing a lot of food, water and beverages. So, taking a mobile fridge is important. Another important device is a power bank that’s sufficient to charge all your appliances, particularly your smartphones.


Ever had your power run out or been left with a flat battery during a camping trip? A reliable deep cycle battery provides the ideal auxiliary power you need for all your outdoor adventures.

Since off road trips mean you would naturally consume more power, a reliable solar panel system would compliment this perfectly. Having a solar system and a deep cycle battery onboard will give you one less thing to worry about.

Recovery gear

Any offroad trip that involves terrain and rough conditions need recovery gear. The last thing you want is to have your 4×4 stuck in a deep muddy ditch. Recovery tracks, tow bars, and complete recovery kits are a must-have for every rough outdoor journey. 

First aid kit

Safety is of the essence wherever you go. You should always be prepared for medical situations. Whether it’s a cut, a broken limb, or a pitting headache, a fully equipped first aid kit is important to have around in your 4×4 motorhome.


No offroad adventure is complete without a toolkit with all your essentials. A well-prepared toolkit will include shovels, wrenches, screwdrivers, tape, multimeter, and the like. The exact toolbox of content will vary depending on the type of trip you’re going to undertake.

Camping gear

Camping is always a fun adventure, especially in your 4×4. But your 4WD motorhome is only part of what you need for a complete camping experience. Ensure you pack camping stoves, tents, outdoor lighting and an icebox, among others.

Diving gear

Thinking of hitting the water? Make sure you’ve got all the necessary equipment in stock. Your standard checklist would ideally include snorkelling gear and diving equipment along with swimwear.

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