Dog & pet friendly sites & places for your furry friends to enjoy whilst out in your camper

Part of the joys of getting out and about in your motorhome, is being able to enjoy it with the people and pets that you love.

Travelling around Australia you’ll see that there are many people enjoying the outdoor life in their motorhomes and caravans with their pets in tow.

It can take a little bit more planning when your pets accompany you on your holidays, but with a little bit of planning, you will be able to enjoy a wonderful holiday, with ALL the family.


We’ll first consider where you will be able to camp with your animals.

Caravan Parks

There are many caravan parks around Australia that are more than happy to welcome you and your pets to their park. You will need to ensure your pet is contained at ALL times, this may be on a leash, inside the motorhome, or in a fenced off area.

Some parks even have an enclosed area so you can let your dog off the leash for a bit of a run around.


Showgrounds often have plenty of space and usually will allow dogs on site, once again, as long as they are on a leash.

NOT National parks

One place where you are not allowed to bring dogs, is National Parks. Since these are protected areas, you will not be able to allow your pets into the park and this includes any of the camping sites that are in the park.

How to find somewhere to camp

The easiest way to find campsites that are dog-friendly is to use an app like WikiCamps. You can put a filter on your search so that it will only show you camping options that are dog friendly.

Once you’ve found a camping site that’s suitable, it’s always a good idea to confirm with the caravan park / campground that animals are allowed. There may be restrictions on the size of the dogs / animal types that they will allow.

Places to visit

When it comes to places that you can visit with your furry friends, again, I recommend doing some planning beforehand. If there are particular places that you know you want to visit, then hop online and check if dogs are allowed. Or give the business / council that runs the site a call.


Fellow dog owners will be a wealth of information, so find out if there are local dog clubs you could ask. Online forums for dog owners will also be able to help you with specific questions. 

But the best people to ask would be other dog owners who live in the area. Obviously, they’re pretty easy to spot as they walk their dogs or exercise them at the local dog park.

With just a little bit of pre-planning you’ll be able to take your furry friends with you in your motorhome to most places around Australia and enjoy the companionship of those that you love the most.