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David Ridings is kept very busy in the factory he owns at Clontarf Redcliffe QLD handling the orders for the growing number of discerning travellers wanting a robust vehicle with the opportunity to customise to their needs.

David's 30 years designing and building the popular Raider fibreglass Inboard ski boats and then designing from scratch and building the successfull range of SeaQuest Cruisers, 28ft to 36ft is now seen in the quality of this unique fibreglass one piece moulded Motorhome. You only have to speak to one of our 250+ Explorer Motorhome owners to feel confident David will deliver a superb Motorhome with a 5 year structural warranty available any where in Australia.

Australian Made for Australian conditions

Explorer Motorhomes Leading the Australian Camper Van and motorhome

Explorer Motorhomes are the first in the RV Industry (Caravans and Motorhomes), to be granted permission to display the “Australian Made” Logo. We are proud to be a truly home grown Aussie family run and owned business employing Australian craftsmen. Why do we operate this way? Because we know that our motorhomes and campers will be driven across the challenging Australia terrain, who else better equipped to know what’s required when it comes to exploring our own beautiful country?

Quite simply we are “Australian Made” and Queensland Built!


Become part of our family of owners

Our motorhomes are custom built to clients requirements, so there is a deep commitment by the Explorer team to ensure your wishes are understood and met. We appreciate this is a big decision and will spend time with you to advise you on model, colours and interiors.

Throughout the build you are welcome to see how your motorhome is progressing, and when it comes to the handover, time is spent going over all the aspects of the motorhome ensuring you commence your adventures with full knowledge on the workings of your Explorer. You also have the confidence of knowing your motorhome is covered by a 5 year structural warranty.

Your motorhome might have a build number, but you as a customer are certainly not a number, but a member of a close family of owners who love nothing better than being out and about and sharing their experiences.

We have a facebook group page exclusively set for owners so you can talk to other owners about your motorhome and find out places to visit.
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