Crucial Features for a 4WD Motorhome You Can Live Out Of

4WD motorhomes come with various features and options. If you’re planning to live out of it off-grid style, there are certain ones you absolutely need. Below we look at some of the key features to look for in a 4WD motorhome for travellers looking to live out of it for a while.

Power and Electrical

If you’re spending a lot of time off-grid, having the right power and electrical facilities in your 4WD motorhome is important. 12V power can go a long way in modern caravans and ideally, you want some sort of power pack or ports to be able to run lighting and charge phones, laptops, cameras and other equipment as required. Solar panels and solar batteries are other great features to look for.

The Explorer 4WD motorhome offers three 105Ah deep cycle batteries charged up by four 1.15kW solar panels and, of course, both the mains and vehicle chargers. With both 12V power and solar, you can live out of your motorhome in comfort without the risk of running out of power.

Water Storage

Without fresh water available in relatively generous sized tanks you’re not going to be able to do much showering, cleaning or washing up. Before you head off into the wilds, make sure you top up the water tanks and toilet flush (if separate). Look for a 4WD motorhome that has systems to manage waste and greywater. Make sure you empty them into approved places. The Explorer offers 150L of fresh water capacity as well as 55L of grey water.

A Good Kitchen

The kitchen is the workhorse of any home. If you’re planning on living out of your motorhome for a while, it’ll be the workhorse of the vehicle as well. Look for an intelligently designed kitchen with generous bench space, a quality fridge, a good cooktop and a decent sized sink for cleaning.

In the Explorer 4WD motorhome, you get all of those things as well as a cupboard with wire basket drawers and slide-out, two shelves, and a microwave between the shelves. The Explorer also features a slide-out BBQ on the door side, flanked by a drop-down picnic table. This means you can also enjoy outdoor cooking, adding that extra nice spice to caravan life.

Bathroom Facilities

When living life on the road, a good bathroom is ideal. This includes having a separate shower cubicle, cassette toilet and washbasin. Achieving this can be a challenge in a smaller 4WD motorhome but the Explorer manages it while making it workable, private and even being able to include storage space in the area.


Shelter is another must-have but one that is difficult when living life on the road in a compact 4WD motorhome. The best solution is finding a motorhome with built-in shelter. Fortunately, the Explorer provides exactly this with a huge built-in awning that is easy to pull out in three steps.

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