Explorer On The Road

3 Months on Tour with an Explorer Motorhome by Dr Michael and Bettina Muller of Germany. My wife, Bettina and I have made for the first time this year on a longer tour of Australia. Our motorhome was delivered in late April, 2015. Everything was smooth and went well. It was particularly exciting for us because we had never seen …

Warwick and Vicki great travel tips

Explorer On The Road with Warwick & Vicki The two Explorer motorhomes parked side-by-side, one heading south and one heading north, attracted more than some attention at the Burke & Wills Road House in far North Queensland. Here we meet by chance the legendary Leyland’s in their Explorer Motorhome. Everybody is familiar with their amazing talks of outback travel and …

Explorer Owners Rally 2019 | Explorer 4wd Motorhomes

2019 Annual Get Together

Explorer Owners Rally 2019 Gulgong, New South Wales Explorers come together in 2019 The owners of Explorer Motorhomes got together on 15 – 18 October 2019 for the Annual Owners Rally. 54 motorhomes attended and a ball was had by all! With information sessions, wine tasting , dining and entertainment, these owners know how to enjoy themselves! Donations were also …


Canning Stock route, Reg and Jan

The Canning Stock Route is the longest such track in the world and much like its formation, it still presents a major undertaking… Read the article published in the Wanderer Magazine written by two Explorer Motorhome owners, Jan & Reg Wooderson. READ THE ARTICLE