Campervan, Motorhome, Caravan, Camper Trailer – What’s the Difference?

Decide Which is Best for You – a Camper / Motorhome or a Caravan With This Handy Guide

Life on the open road – there’s no better way to explore the natural rugged beauty of the Australian outback and unbelievable coastlines. But if you’re new to the live on the road holiday style, knowing what type of vehicle to choose for your adventure can be a minefield. RV (recreational vehicle), is a general term and can be used to describe the types of motorhomes, campervans, caravan and camper trailer style vehicles as a whole.

Each one has a slightly different style, space, cost and amenities. Depending on where you plan to go and how long for, can play a big factor in deciding which is best for you. Let’s take a look at the different types of RV and what they offer, so you can make an informed decision.


Motorhomes are basically the king of the RV,s including bedroom, kitchen and bathroom facilities plus lots of other features (depending on how much you spend). Sleeping from 2-6 people, they are generally more luxurious and you’ll be completely self-sufficient. Expect to pay from $70,000 to $100,000 for a smaller new motorhome, with larger vans beginning at around $100,000.


Campervans are generally a bit smaller and more basic than a motorhome / camper, but will include facilities for cooking, washing and sleeping. Sleeping from 2-3 people, you will probably find there’ll be no divide between the driving cab and the living quarters.


Otherwise known as a mobile home or a trailer, a caravan is a living space that you tow behind your vehicle. A little set up is needed when you reach your camping spot in the form of unhooking your car and maybe hooking up electricity and waste facilities. Again you can purchase them in varying sizes and with various features, depending on your needs. A small one can be purchased from $35,000 and prices go up into six figures to get the top of the range. Off-road options can be found if you plan to go into rough territory, but of course the extra sophisticated suspension systems will push the cost up.

Camper Trailer

Much smaller than a caravan, a camper trailer generally contains a tent that folds out of the trailer, where other living equipment is packed. Its appeal comes from it being light, compact and a lot less costly than the other RV options. Some have kitchen and shower areas that are fitted to the outside of the trailer and pull down to be used under an awning. Other models may have a fitted kitchen, but just a simple roof-top tent as basic sleeping area geared more towards the adventurer. Expect to pay in the region of $10,000 upwards depending on the amenities available.

Deciding on which RV is best for you depends on; how much you want to spend, how long you’ll be travelling for and what amenities you must have. Once you’ve decided on this, you can make an informed decision and pack up your new RV to go on the trip of a lifetime!

Find out what the difference is between a motorhome, a campervan, a camper trailer and a caravan. Once you know what they all offer, you can choose the right one for you for your next adventure.