Avoid Camping Hazards

Hazards to Avoid Whilst Outdoors “Camping in the Bush”

Australia has a reputation for being a harsh and dangerous environment; while that’s true, it is also a beautiful country where camping in a motorhome is a rewarding experience.

There are some hazards that you should be aware of and avoid if possible. But as always, the number one key to avoiding hazards while camping in the Aussie bush, is to be prepared.

If you’re camping in your motorhome, then some of these hazards will be easily avoidable and you’ll find camping to be quite comfortable even in the harsh Australian bush.

Here are some of the hazards to look out for:

Bad Weather

Inclement weather doesn’t only make camping a bit miserable (especially if you’re in a tent) but it can also prove to be a hazard. It’s always good practice to check the weather reports prior to heading off to ensure that you won’t be caught in a dangerous storm or flooding.

Bad weather can cause roads to be closed and that can severely impact your travel plans.


At the other end of the spectrum from storms and floods, is a hazard that is often overlooked… sunburn.

Many international visitors appear to be oblivious to the danger of the Australian sun, not only is there the chance of painful sunburn, but also sun/heat stroke and the risk of skin melanomas.  Burn times are measured in mere minutes and the only fully effective method to avoiding sunburn is to stay out of the sun.

But the outdoors are there to be enjoyed so some sensible precautions need to be taken, this includes covering up with a wide brim hat, long sleeves/pants and regularly applying a high SPF sunscreen.

Bites and Stings

This is the Australia that we’re all familiar with.

Camping out in the bush means being prepared for the little things that can bite and sting you that are more annoying than life-threatening, things like mosquitos, midges and flies. Covering up in loose fitting clothing when the bugs are most active (i.e at dusk) and using insect repellent while you’re outdoors is the first step. Regularly check the fly screens on your motorhome to ensure there are no holes and you’ll always have a safe haven to escape to when the insects become too much.

But then, of course, there are other more deadly hazards from the animal kingdom too. A bite or sting from one of these things is much more than just an annoyance! We’re talking about spiders, snakes, crocodiles, sharks and jellyfish.

Be aware of the environment you’re going into; do some research online, look for any signage at the camp and listen to what locals are saying about the dangerous animals in the area.

Overhanging Trees

When setting up your camp for the night, have a look overhead. You don’t want to be parked under dead or loose branches especially if you’re in a tent. You’re safer from this hazard if you’re in a motorhome, as compared to a tent, but you don’t want to put yourself in the path of danger if it can be avoided.

This may seem like a long list of hazards to avoid while camping in the bush, but these are easily mitigated with just a good measure of common sense and some thoughtful planning and preparation.

It’s a wonderful experience camping in the bush and Australia has so much to enjoy in the outdoors, so get out there in your motorhome and enjoy it all!