A Guide to Healthy Camping

It can be hard to stay healthy on the road, with so many sights to see and new experiences to enjoy, we can sometimes find ourselves with excuses to indulge or reasons to stray from the healthy routines we have established.

Here are six tips for maintaining a healthy lifestyle while you’re camping:

1. Keep to your regular routine

In the same way that you wouldn’t consider taking a break from your regular medications just because you’re on holiday, it’s also important to not take a break from your regular healthy patterns. 

If you usually go for a walk in the early morning, keep doing that! You’ll be able to enjoy new surroundings and see a bit more of your local environment… possibly before most people have even got out of bed.

If you would usually only have wine o’clock on the weekends, then keep up the habit. You don’t need to have a drink and nibbles every night, keep them as a weekend treat.

2. Cook at home

When you cook at home you have full control of what goes into your meal, and the portion control. The wonderful thing about travelling in a motorhome is that you have full kitchen facilities with you. You can bring your favourite pans, the gadgets you know and love, and the spices you know you’ll need for your best dishes. It won’t be the same as cooking at home, but it will be pretty close!

3. Plan ahead

If you fall into the category of people that cooks because they HAVE to, not because they LOVE to, then meal planning is going to be a key factor in making sure that you do cook as often as possible.

Plan to cook meals that you already know how to cook and that you know everyone will eat. Have the herbs and spices or special ingredients already in the pantry and just stock up on the fresh ingredients at each town. 

Having your meals planned will make grocery shopping in unfamiliar towns a bit easier, as you’re not trying to figure out what to cook while you’re trying to find ingredients.

4. Exercising

Hopefully, when you’re camping, it’s easier for you to get out and explore since you’re mostly outside anyway. Hiking, enjoying water sports, or even enjoying the sights and shopping of a new town, will have you out and about rather than sitting at a desk, or on the couch!

If you have a more structured routine such as lifting weights, you could pare it down to body weight exercises only or join a gym like Anytime Fitness so that you can visit one of their 3,200 gyms around Australia.

Of course, you can do a HIIT workout almost anywhere, and going for a run will be great in new and ever-changing scenery.

5. Unplugging

There is something therapeutic about the outdoors, and it’s always good to spend time out in nature. Make sure to unplug every now and again. Australia sometimes makes that easy to do with limited data signals in remote areas, but even if you’re in the middle of town, unplugging from all your devices for a time will make you feel great.

6. Make it a priority

Our last tip is to make staying healthy a priority in your life, no matter where you are or what you’re doing.

Just because you’re now on holiday travelling around Australia in a motorhome, it doesn’t mean that your health needs a holiday. Make movement and eating well a normal part of your everyday, and you’ll be healthy to enjoy all the wonders of Australia.