5 Tips to Maintain the Quality of Your 4X4 Motorhome

A 4×4 Explorer motorhome is an incredibly durable vehicle, destined to bring you years of exciting adventures on and off-road. That doesn’t mean that you can neglect it. Like any premium quality vehicle, regular maintenance and care are required to keep your motorhome at it’s best. Below we look at some ways you can maintain and even enhance your 4×4 motorhome.

1. Exterior Maintenance

Make sure you get your motorhome services as required, keep up with your regular maintenance and keep all records. This includes the following tasks:

Wash the undercarriage after salt exposure
Check the running gear for rust and wear and grease all moving components
Check the condition of the tyres and ensure they are the right pressure
Test the brakes
Grease the corner steadies
Test the batteries and generator

2. Interior Maintenance

It’s also important to make sure key aspects of the motorhome are functioning properly, especially before a trip.

Run water through the system to flush it out and check for leaks
Sterilise the tanks with an appropriate cleaner if needed
Install the toilet cassette and check seals
Connect the electricity and check all lights, power points and appliances
Reconnect the gas, check outlets and refill tanks
Test all the doors and windows
Check the fire extinguisher and smoke detector

3. Cleaning

While the fibreglass surfaces of Explorer motorhomes naturally repel mould, cleaning guarantees prevention of moisture related issues.

Wash the outside of the caravan to remove dust and mould
Clean the toilet and sinks
Look in every corner for mould and mildew
Air out the mattresses and seating
Clean the fridge with detergent and leave the door open to dry

4. Keep Tools and Spares

The tools you need once again depend on the kind of trip you are taking. It always pays to be prepared for any situation. Consider packing the following:

Spare tyre
Tyre pressure gauge
Puncture repair kit
Electrical tape
Hammer and rubber mallet
Spanner set
Socket set
Stanley knife
Cable ties

5. Why Not Add More Accessories?

While maintaining your caravan, why not add more accessories to upgrade your lifestyle on the road. Some ideas include:

Solar panels
Reversing camera
Clothes horse or line
External shower
Truck GPS

The last one is especially handy as it mitigates the risk of coming across a low clearance bridge. GPS systems with a ‘truck mode’ allow you to input the height and length of your vehicle and come up with routes for you that will avoid you running into any low bridges, dead ends or tight streets.

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