5 Reasons to Choose A Smaller 4WD Motorhome

If you want to take your next adventure off-road with a motorhome, you don’t need to go large. In fact, less is more with a compact 4X4 motorhome. Doing the big lap is a lot of fun, but Australia runs out of bitumen long before the attractions do. A smaller 4WD motorhome gives you the versatility to enjoy everything our country has to offer. Here are 5 key benefits.

1. Easier to Drive

A lot of the best destinations in Australia require drivers to take steep, winding roads into remote areas. If you’re driving around a massive motorhome, the experience can be quite daunting and even dangerous if you aren’t too experienced. Even driving on highways, making U-turns, backing up, and changing lanes requires a lot of practice in a big motorhome.

Having nerve-wracking experiences whenever you drive can ruin the travel experience. A compact 4WD motorhome is much more similar to driving a regular 4WD (though you may still need some practice). This means you won’t have to put all of your effort into driving and miss out on your chance to enjoy the view.

2. Better Fuel Economy

Fuel use is higher with a bigger motorhome, truck or towed caravan. The cost of that fuel adds up quickly when you’re going on big adventures. Having a compact 4WD motorhome can make a huge difference in fuel economy and see you saving hundreds or thousands. If you have an Explorer motorhome, fuel efficiency is even better due to its unique single piece moulding made from fibreglass and a structural foam core.

3. Easier Parking

Sometimes being just a foot or two shorter makes parking your 4WD motorhome much easier. From fueling up, eating, driving breaks, campgrounds to overnight stops, no matter where you go, you’ll have to park your motorhome.

Everything’s easier when it’s compact. You can pull it into your driveway to load it up, where a bigger one couldn’t. Sometimes, there are restrictions or not enough street space to park a big motorhome out the front of your home. If you need to store your motorhome rather than park it at your house, storage facilities can charge more for motorhomes past a certain length.

4. Go More Places

There are so many more places that you can travel to with a smaller 4WD motorhome than you can with bigger ones. A compact size makes tackling tougher terrain easier. A lot of national parks and forests also don’t have large parking spots and the few that do get taken up rather quickly. Some places even have size restrictions, barring motorhomes of a certain size from entering campgrounds.

5. Free Camping

Free camping, dispersed camping or dry camping is a great way to get further out in nature with your 4WD motorhome. It’s also a popular way to camp for free, often in a more deserted, private setting. Free camping is easier when you have a smaller 4WD motorhome as you can get to most places. In a bigger motorhome, it’s common to find that you just can’t fit into spaces.

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