3 ways to make your motorhome more like home

For many of us, there is so much excitement about heading off on adventures in our motorhome. But just like any other adventure, sometimes you crave the familiarities of home.

That’s the beauty of the motorhome lifestyle, you can go out on adventures each and every day if you wish, but then, at the end of the day, you can relax in the familiar surroundings of your own home away from home.

And most importantly, you get to sleep in your own bed, with your own doona and with your own (perfectly sized) pillows
So other than making sure your bed is exactly the way you like it, how else can you make your motorhome feel more homey?

Here’s the three tips I’ve found most helpful for us…

Interior Decor

Okay, so this one might be totally obvious, but you have to start by making the inside of your motorhome look how YOU want it to look. You don’t need to be an interior decorator, you just need to have a sense of the look that you like.

If you’re purchased an older motorhome, it may be doing things like painting over the brown cabinets, re-covering green and blue striped dinette cushions or replacing the yellow flower patterned curtains with something a little less… gaudy.

If your motorhome is new (like our beautiful Explorer Motorhomes) then you already know that nothing needs to be done. You’ve already got a very good looking home on wheels!

But to make it more like YOUR home, it’s as simple as adding the decor touches that delight you. Pictures of your family, favourite travel quotes, flowers (fake or real!) or soft furnishings that add the pops of colour that you like.

Organize your space

I don’t know if this is a particularly feminine trait, but what makes me feel at home, is having an organized space. Knowing that everything has a home (especially while rumbling down the road) and that I know where to find things.

Take the time to organise all your cabinets and cupboards, both inside and outside. And don’t necessarily be constrained by what ‘should’ go somewhere. Just because the closet has a bar doesn’t mean you have to hang your clothes in there; add some plastic drawers if you want, or heck, use it as the alcohol cabinet or pantry if that makes more sense!

Use it… often!

Do you remember when you first moved into your house, and how even though you may have been excited to be in a new house, it took you a little while to get used to it?

Maybe it took a few weeks before you found a spot for everything and figured out how you liked using the space.

Well, the same goes for your motorhome. It’s by getting out on some adventures and spending time travelling and living in your motorhome that you can figure out what makes it a home for you.

If you’re anything like us making your motorhome or caravan into a home is a process that can take a little while. There’s no hurry, and I’m sure you’re going to be having a heap of fun along the way anyway.