3 ‘must haves’ for the first time explorer

You’ve set off on the adventure of a lifetime. No more planning, no more working, no more ‘normal’ life, for now.

Just adventure, exploration, relaxing, learning and experiencing.

As you drive your camper van off into the sunset you wonder, ‘have I really planned this properly? What am I forgetting?’

You’ve got the following things all sorted:

  • plenty of holidays accrued (or gasp… you quit your job!),
  • enough savings (heck, you feel like you’ve been saving for so long you’re scared you may not remember how to spend it!),
  • packed the motorhome with everything you think you need (and quite a lot of what you probably don’t), and
  • you’ve got your favourite companions with you (be they furry or otherwise).

But do you have the ‘must have’ items?

What are the ‘must have’ items?

Well, that’s the problem, you won’t know until you’re at least a few days into your motorhome trip!

The ‘must haves’ are different for everyone. I’ve read plenty of articles that declare the generator, beer and two fridges are must have items.

Yet I’ve seen others that swear by zero gravity camp chairs, crocs and a pegless clothes line. Go figure.

Not only will you be clueless as to what the ‘must have’ items are before you leave, you’ll probably determine the ‘must haves’ by virtue of the fact that you won’t have them!

And you’ll never forget them again.

So in light of the fact that ‘must haves’ are totally subjective, here are the 3 items that I have learnt are a top priority for me.


Weird, but true. I’m not a fussy eater at all, I’ll eat anything and everything and give any new flavour a go. But when it comes to drinking water, if it’s got any weird tastes in it, it’s a no go. And that’s where cordial comes and saves the day.

Ugg boots

They don’t have to be fancy ones, just the $6 cheapies from KMart is fine. But when I’ve got ugg boots to wear around the campsite and keep my toes warm on those cool nights, all is well with the world.

Gold coins

These things are like, well, gold. Hold on to these suckers. Unless you’ve got a washing machine in your motorhome or camper, you’re going to need all the gold coins you can get your hands on.

And there are some campsites where you need to pay for showers, and you don’t necessarily want to be dropping a tenner in that donation box.

To show you just how subjective these are, here are my husbands top 3 ‘must have’ items:

Comfortable Chair

Even though we spent some good money on quality camping chairs, he swears that he still doesn’t have a comfortable chair. I have no idea how we’re going to fit a lazy boy in though!?

Drinkable Water

So it’s not just me who struggles with drinking water.

Solar Panels

When you’re using electronic devices as much as we are, it can be tough to keep everything charged up. For a while there we just didn’t seem to have enough solar to keep up with us; but now we have portable solar panel and a solar blanket and they keep the batteries topped up nicely.

While these lists are a little tongue-in-check, I hope it highlights to you that everyone is different, so are their set-ups and their priorities.

It’s not until you get out on the road and travel in your motorhome, that you’ll discover your own ‘must have’ items.