200 Motorhomes Sold!


Explorer Motorhomes, based at Clontarf, Brisbane, have reached yet another milestone in their short history of motorhome manufacture. On the 24 January 2019 they handed over to its excited new owners the 200th motorhome the factory has built.

The owners of the 200th vehicle are Don and Nancy. They had previously spent 40 years in caravans, and this is their first experience of motorhome ownership. They were recommended to buy an Explorer by close friends who already own and love theirs.

When asked if they intend to go off road in their travels the answer was an emphatic ‘yes’, as this was one of the main reasons for choosing the 4WD Explorer Vision. They are retired and apart from driving back to Victoria, where they live, they plan to travel the Oodnadatta Track to Alice and then the McDonnell Ranges.

The first Explorer motorhome came off the production line in December 2010. Since that time the orders have kept rolling in for the only motorhome built from a one-piece fibreglass mould, ensuring no leaks with great insulation and strength; the neatest 4WD motorhome built on a Toyota Hilux or Ford Ranger. This great motorhome goes anywhere, and owners have proved this by their trips along the Telegraph Track, the Gibb River Road and the Strzelecki Track, to name but a few. Owners display with pride the maps showing their trips over Australia’s most remote areas at the Annual Owners Get Together.

Why is this gem of a motorhome so popular with their owners? It’s as easy to drive as a car, which makes it a winner with the 23% of owners who are solo women travellers. You can park in a normal carpark, so stock up trips to the supermarket and sightseeing is a breeze. It’s completely self-contained so it gives you access to all areas for off road camping. All Explorer Motorhomes are 4WD, allowing you to travel in wet National Parks or on beaches, still with the comfort of a beautifully built and equipped motorhome, which is a breeze to set up, and retire to at the end of the day

The interior build is superb, of a high quality created by the team of craftspeople at the Explorer factory. Explorer Motorhomes is the first company in the RV market, motorhomes and caravans, to be awarded the ‘Australian Made’ logo. It has a 5 year structural warranty Australia wide. The interior specifications are built to customers’ requirements, after consultation and a visit to the factory. So pleased are the owners with the product one owner is on his third Explorer Motorhome!

Explorer Motorhome models have evolved from the twin bed Vision to now include the North/South double bed Spirit and the 6WD Discovery.

All developed to meet customer needs for an off-road motorhome without comfort being compromised.